Season Four of The Tudors is the final season of the show and focuses on Henry's last years, and his marriages to his last two wives Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr. It was aired in 2010.


4.01 - Moment of Nostalgia

4.02 - Sister

4.03 - Something for You

4.04 - Natural Ally

4.05 - Bottom of the Pot

4.06 - You Have My Permission

4.07 - Sixth and the Final Wife

4.08 - As It Should Be

4.09 - Secrets of the Heart

4.10 - Death of a Monarchy


Jonathan Rhys Meyers- King Henry

Henry Cavill- Charles Brandon

Tamzin Merchant- Katherine Howard

Joely Richardson- Catherine Parr

Sarah Bolger- Lady Mary Tudor

Max Brown- Edward Seymour

David O'Hara- Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Laoise Murray- Lady Elizabeth Tudor

Simon Ward- Bishop Stephen Gardiner

Andrew McNair- Thomas Seymour

Joanne King- Lady Jane Rochford

Joss Stone- Anne of Cleves

Torrance Coombs- Thomas Culpepper

Frank McCusker- Thomas Wriothesley

Rod Hallett- Sir Richard Riche

Special Guest Stars:

Maria Doyle Kennedy- Catherine of Aragon

Natalie Dormer- Anne Boleyn

Annabelle Wallis- Jane Seymour


Mid 1540- start of 1547.  Henry's new marriage to Katherine Howard-not long after the impulsive execution of his chief minister Thomas Cromwell- seems to rejuvenate him, and his friend Charles Brandon is glad, for religious schism continues to plague the country below a calm surface.  With three heirs secure for the throne and a vivacious, lusty young wife, Henry is content to ignore his growing age- but he is gradually forced to face both the future and the past as his daughters Mary and Elizabeth grow up, bringing with them painful memories of both their deceased mothers.  Meanwhile Katherine Howard is far from devoted to the aged, half-crippled King, and her immature and uninhibited behavior causes Henry's court to erupt with bloody scandal.  In the aftermath, Henry takes the other path that he percieves as rejuvenating- leading his kingdom headlong into an expensive war with France- after marrying his sixth and final wife, Catherine Parr.  Parr's protectiveness- along with that of Edward and Thomas Seymour, uncles to Prince Edward- of Henry's children is viewed with hostile suspicion by the fundamentalist Catholic ministers in the Church of England due to her Lutheran influences, and this generates a new squabble in the court over the right of succession of Princess Mary Tudor.   With his old friends and enemies passing away on all sides and the end of his reign drawing near, Henry once again contemplates the future... and the past.

Character deaths in Season Four:Edit

King Henry VIII (episode 4.10, not shown)

Katherine Howard (episode 4.05)

Charles Brandon (episode 4.10)

Francis Dereham (episode 4.05)

Thomas Culpepper (episode 4.05)

Lady Jane Rochford (episode 4.05)

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (episode 4.09)

Lord Thomas Boleyn( prior to episode 4.01, mentioned only)

Ambassador Eustace Chapuys (episode 4.09, mentioned only)

Richard Leland (episode 4.08)

Anne Askew (episode 4.09)